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    Drawing on all the nonconformities of @uglyworldwide the Jazzelle X Pallakix is for the new city icons.

    Distressing a fusion of our iconic Pampa outsole and Pallaphoenix outsole to give an intentionally worn look, the Jazzelle Pallakix boot stands bold with a high end black polished leather upper finish incorporated with a tonal embroidered stitched UGLYWORLDWIDE logo and on the opposite side a cloudy translucent window logo.
    The statement boot features traits iconic to Jazzelle herself to encourage self-protection, such as the iconic rubber ‘band-aid’ strapped across the heel and a signal heavy cross stitch.
    Each sole also proudly boasts the words PALLADIUM and UGLYWORLDWIDE in a subtle lemon font.
    If you thought all that was hardcore, then a subtle statement ‘middle finger’ innersole is placed in the shoe, mirroring Jazzelle’s infamous tattoo created for a past Palladium project.
    The Jazzelle X Pallakix comes in a limited edition box.

    Learn more about the JAZZELLE PALLAKIX HI LEATHER

    • UPPER: 100% leather
    • LINING: 100% cotton
    • SOCKLINER: molded PU with honeycomb for comfort, cushioning and breathability - cover in 100% polyester
    • BOTTOM + TOE CAP: lightweight rubber with good ground adhesion
    • BRANDING: TPU tongue label/side woven label/print on outsole / GPS logo on lining
    • FEATURES: "dirty" finish on outsole/embroidery on lateral quarter / transparent round patch on medial quarter /effect of glued band-aid at the heel/heel loop in polyester/eyelets/flat lace

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